The Return

Where have you been, Ren?‘ I ask myself…

Well, my life got overtaken by essays last week which meant my poor blog was heinously neglected.。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。To make up for my lack of postage I have been busily writing up a stock of posts this week so I hope to be back on form starting on Monday 27th.

As well as writing and editing essays I’ve been reading Bleak House by Charles Dickens.  Bleak House is a very charming novel full of death, humour and truth,  but it is also very thick so it will take me awhile to finish it.  Hopefully I can share some thoughts on Bleak House on this blog very soon because I’m interested to hear what others think about it. The only other ‘exciting’ thing I’ve done is play Tearaway on the PS Vita. (I love the squirrels in Tearaway!)

That time I met the King of the Squirrels in Tearaway

That time I met the King of the Squirrels in Tearaway

Posts scheduled for next week include:

  • Magical Monday: The Wrekin
  • Review: Wolf Children [film]
  • Fruits Basket Friday #1
  • Crossover Madness

And some more if I find the time to write them over the weekend.

Ren x


P.S. I also acquired a unicorn last week. Just thought you ought to know…



2 responses to “The Return

  1. I was wondering where you were! It’s good to see your again. Very nice unicorn you got there 😉 Oh, and you watched Wolf Children? I’ve heard that that movie is a work of art– of course, I haven’t watched it, though, since I’m slow.

    • I’m trying to think of a name for my unicorn. I think it’s sad to not have a name. And yes, Wolf Children is very good. I knew a few of the plots point before I watched it but that didn’t take away from the emotional punch of the film. I recommend it!

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