The Wrekin

In Shropshire there is a hill called The Wrekin. There is an old story that claims to  explain the hill’s origins :

There was once a welsh  giant called Gwendol Wrekin ap Shenkin ap Mynyddmawr. He had a grudge against the people of Shrewsbury (for reasons now unknown) so he came up with a cunning plan to get back  at them. He decided to collect a lot of dirt on his giant sized space and dump it in the river Severn so the river would flood the town and kill the inhabitants.

He was, obviously, a very angry person.

Well, he collected the dirt and started making his way to Shrewsbury. It was a long and tiring journey. Unfortunately for the giant he wasn’t very good with directions so he became lost. Along the way, when he got as close as Wellington, he came across a cobbler and asked him how much further it was to Shrewsbury. He also told the cobbler about his plan. The cobbler had to quickly think on his feet to save the town.  He took out the broken shoes he had collected for mending and said, ‘Oh, it’s miles and miles away yet. I’ve been journeying from there and just look at all of the shoes I’ve been through!’

The giant was so tired and worn out that he decided to dump the dirt where he stood and go home.  The dirt he dumped became The Wrekin.


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