Anime+Me: Kuroko Edition


‘Anime + Me’ mashes up an element of my life with  my favourite anime characters. 

Do you ever feel a bit invisible? I often do. I think quite a few people do every now and then. The ability to become invisible  requires a degree of skill, whether that be taught and/or naturally acquired. I would particularly consider it a special skill in the case of Kuroko Tetsuya, of Kuroko no Basuke fame. Kuroko no Basuke is a manga and anime series about basketball players, Kuroko is best known as the phantom sixth man on the basketball court. He’s the one no one notices. Kuroko is basically my idol when it comes to misdirection. He’s the willing shadow who helps others shine brighter in contrast. His power is the ability to make people’s eyes pass over him as if he weren’t there at all. He lacks presence. ku-xlarge For me, personally, the idea I lack presence has been difficult to accept and it has caused many an awkward situation.  For example, last year everyone in my class was meant to do a presentation. I prepared my work, practised my lines and generally freaked out about the whole thing. But I needn’t have worried. My teacher basically forgot I existed. He read through the list of people (I should have been the third person) and everyone was called up to do a presentation but me. He even ended the lesson early after looking round the room and saying ‘Well, you have all done a presentation now.’ It was very awkward. None of my fellow students seemed to notice I hadn’t done a presentation either.  I didn’t know whether to tell the teacher that I’d been forgotten or not. I didn’t enjoy the idea of presenting, but if I didn’t do the presentation then all my stress and preparation would be for nothing. I sat in my seat thinking about all of these things and before I knew it everyone was packing their bags and leaving the room.

Lacking presence can be disheartening but it can be put to good use. If anything I want to be more like Kuroko. I want to accept my powers of invisibility and do something positive with it.  When you’ve got a skill you might as well channel it in some way. I like how Kuroko uses his lack of presence for his own ends. He has taken an element of his character and made it work in a positive way rather than feel constantly negative about it. He wants to lack presence and that is okay. I don’t really mind people not noticing me. My close friends know I am there and that is enough. I don’t want to be the person in the spotlight and I never have. I also don’t mind being the shadow that aids someone who does want to be in the light.  Kuroko is a hard worker and a team player. He is a great example of how  you don’t have to be the light in the room in order to be a valuable person and do something for those around you. Most of the time, I am invisible. It is part of who I am and I’m okay with that. -KnB-Gifs-kuroko-no-basuke-34416644-500-270

Ren x


4 responses to “Anime+Me: Kuroko Edition

  1. Right now, I wish I had your lack of presence, since I have a lot of things happening in school right now where I have to get up in front of everyone and present stuff. It would be great if teachers just passed over me. But, uh, I wouldn’t want to lack as much presence as Kuroko. I’m talkative so it would a bit of a downer if I was rambling to a person who wasn’t even noticing my voice >_<

    Anyways. I agree, I think it's really admirable of Kuroko to contribute as much as he can from the shadows and be satisfied just from that. He doesn't really need to have the spotlight, he just wants to help and works hard to do that. Oh, and this is reminding of Kellam from Fire Emblem… I swear, I feel so sorry for the guy. Nobody notices when he dies! D:

    And did I say that I love this idea? I didn't? Well, I think it's a great idea. It makes me wonder what type of anime character I would match up with… Probably a mix of Alice from Pandora Hearts and Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke… Yeah.

    • I’m glad you liked this idea 😀

      I have a pretty awesome image of what you’re like in my head from those two characters :D. (Alice is the best XD).

      I’d never thought to compare Kuroko with Kellam before, but it’s so true. Ah, poor Kellam. I feel bad sometimes because I don’t use him in my party very often. But there are so many awesome characters in Fire Emblem. I usually feel a strange affinity for Henry when I play….

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