Fearlessly Fictional Soiree

Fearlessly Fictional Soiree (3)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week they provide a topic for a Top Ten list. This week’s  Top Ten Tuesday prompt was ‘Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting at My Lunch Table’.  I thought about it for a while but then I struggled to imagine my favourite characters in a school setting so I thought ‘why not invite them to dinner instead?’But then I thought about Felix Harrowgate and how fights may ensue if I force everyone to sit around a table. So, I have settled on inviting my favourite fictional characters to a soiree. At a soiree they can go off into little groups if they need to, but I can at least get them in the same room.

Long story short: After pondering what to do for Top Ten Tuesday this week I decided to twist the prompt a bit and instead hold my first edition of the ‘Fearlessly Fictional Soiree’, a party where fictional world divisions are torn down for one special night right here on the blog. My favourite characters can interact and dance with each other until dawn.

Charity Ball (4)

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 Where have they come from?

  • From The Doctrine of Labyrinths series by Sarah Monette we have Felix (a powerful wizard), Mildmay (ex-assassin and cat burglar, also Felix’s half-brother) , Lord Stephen (Lord Protector- the non-magic user in charge in Melusine) and Lord Shannon (Stephen’s younger, half-brother and Felix’s ex).
  • From the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas we have Celaena Sardothien (trained assassin), Chaol Westfall (Captain of the Guard) and Prince Dorian (Crown Prince of Adarlan).
  • From The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison (AKA Sarah Monette) we have Maia Drazhar (AKA Edrehasivar VII, the 209th Emperor of the Elflands), Beshelar and Cala (basically Maia’s incredibly deciated bodyguards).
  • Finally, from the Chrestomanci Chronicles by Diana Wynne Jones we have Chrestomanci himself (AKA Christopher Chant, an enchanter with nine lives).

Who do they mix with?

Now we get to the fun part: who hangs out with who and what do they get up to. I want a positive evening so I might be being a bit optimistic in who I’ve imagined getting along with who, but let’s go forward anyway…

Well, first of all let’s talk about Felix Harrowgate. One person Felix certainly won’t hang out with is Shannon. Instead Felix attempts to edge his way to the opposite side of the room to Shannon,  which makes Shannon kind of sad. Shannon tries to distract himself by chatting to Prince Dorian about plays and books (and perhaps bonding over what it’s like to be important at court but still feel a bit isolated), while Felix is soon  lost in conversation with Christopher Chant as they discuss the differences between how their magic systems work. Felix loves discussing theory. They are also both snazzy dresses. I think Christopher Chant can handle himself against Felix’s occasionally sharp tongue. After all, Chant has to deal with difficult people a lot in his line of work ;). 

Dorian is trying to overhear bits of Felix and Christopher’s discussion for reasons. Shannon [bearing in mind I’m imagining The Mirador Shannon] doesn’t  mind too much that they are edging towards the magic-users who are too engrossed in conversation by this point to notice.

On a slightly raised platform Maia and Stephen are casually socialising. They are very different men but I think they share a sense of practicality that will allow them to have a pleasant enough evening in each other’s company. They both know the trials of ruling people and doing what has to be done. Maia is rather inquisitive about the political landscape of the Mirador and it’s relationship with the Bastion and Stephen is happy enough to enlighten him.

Cala and Beshalar are never far away from Maia. From his perch next to Maia, Cala is watching Christopher Chant and Felix Harrowgate and quietly smiling as they get more and more involved in their conversation, complete with expressive hand gestures. Sometimes Cala whispers a little commentary to Maia when there is a break in his conversation with Stephen. Stephen overhears them mention Felix’s name and can’t help but say something snarky about Felix. Maia and Cala grin and entice Stephen to tell some tales about his court, since he’s in a good mood

Beshalar generally spends his time looking stern but he meets Chaol’s eyes at some point and they realise they are both watching the room carefully for threats and then nod at each other with some respect. Later on at the party they cross each other’s path, have a laugh together and bond a bit.

Speaking of threats,  where is Mildmay and Celaena?  Mildmay goes outside to get some fresh air, he’s not very interested in the hocus stuff Felix and Christopher are going on about. But Celaena recognises a fellow trained-assassin when she sees one and is soon on his tail. Mildmay sighs and looks at her, assuming she’s some flashy who wants to know about Felix. But Mildmay is the one Celaena’s interested in. She wants to hear about the Lower City in Melusine and she offers up a bit of her own story. There’s a grief there, tucked away, that Mildmay can sympathise with. Before long he’s telling a story, the worst story he knows about hocuses, and she listens.

What happens in the end?

A dragon smashes up the building and eats everybody.


No, I’m kidding. They just returned to their own books after an interesting evening out.


2 responses to “Fearlessly Fictional Soiree

  1. Oh my gosh, I love your little twist for this TTT post (even though I’m incredibly late to comment on it)! The graphics are cute and the idea is so fun, go you for being creative! (I tended to do the same thing for TTT posts when I did them, just because I liked to be different. It’s a real test to see who actually reads your post though, because some people just comment based off the original prompt making it obvious they didn’t read what you wrote, haha.)

    The only series I’ve read that you included is Throne of Glass. So it’s a bit hard for me to imagine this party just because I don’t know who these other characters are. Still, a fun idea! And I LOVE the ending – you know, the one where the dragon eats everyone. I’m pretty sure that’s the ending some YA books deserve. (Though not necessarily these ones!) XP

    • I loved making the graphics 😀 Rainbow baubles, everywhere. Yeah, I don’t do TTT very often, but I do read a lot of the posts for it on other blogs and I always cringe if I get to the comments and there are people who obviously haven’t properly read the post in question. It’s like, ‘Don’t assume they are all the same!! Twists exist.’

      You’ve got to love dragons. What’s not to love about a huge, fire-breathing, scaly, potentially evil, overlord? I LOVE them.I should put them eating everyone at the end of every post, as a kind of signature line *evil grin*.

      In regards to some books ending like that? TOTALLY. Can you imagine it? Valiant Hero saves the day and the crowd cheers. Dragon swoops in and eats him. Crowd burst into tears. OR, the girl decides to be with the bad boy in her love triangle, but the dragon eats him leaving her only with the good boy she callously tossed aside (only he secretly IS the bad boy (so she was right to keep her distance from him) and he is a Dragon Lord. The book fades to a close as he winks at the dragon over his shoulder DUN DUN DUNNNN. Then there’s an epilogue where the dragon eats him and the girl just BECAUSE). So much fun. I could do this all day.

      Thank you for commenting, Asti!

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