In My Bag

In My Bag (2)

You know that meme where people post the contents of their bag? This is one of those posts. I think it also works as a nice companion to my bookshelf tour post :3.

Here is my bag:content of my bag

This my trusty backpack. As you can see, I keep many things in my backpack. I have:

  • my house key, plus Persona Q and elephant key-rings
  • my purse
  • my Pikachu 3DS XL, Persona Q is in it right now (one of my most prized possessions)
  • my powerbank, a portable battery charger thingy which is a real lifesaver for me because my phone’s battery life is terrible
  • my Hakuoki pencil case filled with funky coloured pens
  • a torch shaped like an unrealistically blue owl, for banishing the darkness…
  • my mobile phone, in a penguin cover
  • my ipod classic, plus pink earphones
  • a book, in this case it is The Hobbit
  • a volume of manga, in this case it is The Devils and the Realist, vol 1. (I don’t know why it’s upside down in this picture >.<)
  • my bright pink Gimble, handy for holding books open while you eat/do other things
  • Impulse deodorant (I’ve got the Tease scented one, which is lovely)
  • lip balm
  • my notebook which is disguised as old penguin edition of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
  • my Kindle Fire HDX, called Smaug because he hoards eBooks

That’s right, I carry TWO books AND a kindle in my bag. Don’t judge me. I have this bad habit of taking more than I need with me at any given time. A lot of the things in my bag are fairly practical, though, so hopefully that equals out my overindulgence in the book area.

On the subject of the bag itself, well, I ❤ my bag. Especially the badges and key-rings on it. I have a Girl Who Leapt Through Time badge, a Frozen badge and a Manga Entertainment UK badge. Sometimes I also have a Hobbit badge, but not on this particular occasion. I like to personalise my things where possible, which I’m sure is evident from the stickers on my Kindle case!

So, that’s what I tend to carry around with me when I go out. What about you?

Ren x


11 responses to “In My Bag

    • Snap! That’s awesome :3 Pikachu is the best 3DS, I see Danganronpa 2 in the corner as well! I own that one but still need to start playing it. I’m too obsessed with Persona Q at the moment 😉

      • Haha nice spot! 😉 I know that feeling, I got it for Christmas but havent played it yet as Persona Q has basically taken over my life 🙂

  1. Aww, you have so many cute things in your bag!! The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes notebook ❤ Thanks for sharing it!

    I too tend to have a book and my Kindle with me at any time. And I also have a powerbank now (just got it for Christmas 🙂 It weights quite a bit though so I only put it into my bag when I know I'd definitely need it.

    • To be honest my aim in life is to be surrounded by cuteness as much as possible ;).

      That’s the thing with powerbanks, on the one hand they are very useful and on the other-hand they mean adding another thing to carry about. I face this dilemma with a lot of things but I’m a fool who just gets a giant bag and ends up carrying all the things, half of which I really don’t need! I need to change that really.

      Yay! We should create a book + kindle club, for all those people who cannot help but carry both. On a side note, I’m also terrible for owning the eBook version AND physical book version of the books I own. I feel like this argument of eBooks replacing physical books is a lie. They can work together in some cases 😉

  2. AHHHHHH I LOVE YOUR BAG TOO MUCH. IT IS UNHEALTHY. Okay, first thing: the actual bag itself is too. adorable. for. words. DO NOT TOUCH ME. And also, the fact that you have a Sherlock Holmes notebook?! Seven shades of awesome right there. Re: Smaug the Kindle: that name is too epic for words and now I kinda want to name my Kindle something similarly epic. 😀

    • Thank you ❤ I kept seeing the bag while I was hanging around the shopping center during lunch breaks and I fell in love with it so much!! When I got my Christmas money I went straight to the shop and made it mine. it's a similar story with the notebook 😉 i hope you find suitably epic inspiration for naming your kindle 😀

    • You really can’t beat the Pikachu 3DS ;). It took me ages to save enough to get it. My Hobbit copy is one I had to track down, the only bad side is that my particular copy is ripping at the seams which is really sad :'(. At least it is still readable and beautiful on the outside!

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