A Grand and Obscure Beginning

HI! (2)

Finally 2016 has arrived! To put things bluntly, I struggled to get through 2015 in general. This year, however, I want to focus on thinking positively and doing what makes me happy (reading, writing, gaming and drawing).

Last year I didn’t read as much as I usually do. I think making reading a priority in 2016 will help me get through things (in whatever form they decide to take this year). It’s what makes me happy so I’m going to make time for it no matter what.

Another thing I’m going to be making more time for is blogging. You might have noticed that things look a tiddly bit different here. I’ve decided to make some biggish changes. My URL, blog name and some design elements have been changed. Last year (and the year before that) this blog was called Fearless Facade. This year I would like to welcome you instead to The Grand and Obscure. You can expect the same content as before but (hopefully) better and more often!


I hardly blogged at all in 2015. In the end I was becoming a bit dissociated from it. But I read back through some of my posts and, you know what? I like what I have here. It’s very me. The insides were right but the overall identity of the blog wasn’t gelling with me anymore. So one name change later and I’m feeling much more attached to this old thing :).

This is my blogs second anniversary and I hope there will be a few more anniversaries to come, no matter what name the blog goes under. After all,

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

So, Happy New Year everybody! I hope you will stay tuned to read my thoughts on books, anime, manga, games, films, and life in general during 2016.

I’m looking forward to having a totally grand and obscure year.

Ren x


2 responses to “A Grand and Obscure Beginning

  1. Happy New Year, Ren! And welcome back!! (love the new name and the snow,lol, it’s snowing here irl too and it’s pretty amazing)
    Here’s to having a “totally grand and obscure year”!! I really love the sound of/promise in those words.

    • Happy New Year to you too. Cayce! 😀 Thank you :3 It took me ages to think of a new name, but I’m quite taken with The Grand and Obscure now I’m using it.

      I loved the snow too but I think wordpress has taken it away now, sad times!

      We haven’t seen even a tiny bit of snow where I live. I’m hoping we’ll get some in the coming months. Everything looks extra beautiful with added snowflakes.

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