I Love My Kindle Paperwhite

I Heart My Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve owned a Kindle HDX (called Smaug because he totally hoards loads of treasures, AKA books, films and a couple of totally addictive games) for a few years now and enjoyed it immensely. But there’s always been one draw back: when it comes to reading an ebook on there I tend to get distracted by the internet. Just a tap away is tumblr, twitter and emails. I’ve noticed it effect my reading pace significantly, in a negative way. So late last year I decided that I needed a dedicated e reader.

Fast forward to Christmas 2015 and there is a Kindle Paperwhite wrapped under the Christmas tree for me (lot’s of love to my parents for that!).

I’ve been using my new kindle for two months now and I am totally smitten with it. Meet Laurent (so named for Laurent from The Captive Prince Trilogy by CS Pacat):

Owning Laurent has done wonders for my reading habits and I take him out with me more often than my Kindle HDX now. I’ve read 14 books so far this year which is a major amount for me considering I probably read about that many in total last year.

The top reasons my Kindle Paperwhite and I perfect for each other:

  1. It has a backlight so I can read books on it whilst hiding under my quilt. This is such an important feature to me. My parents are quite frugal with our heating so if I was stuck with only being able to read physical books I would have to rough the cold to do it and then I feel more like just going to sleep instead.
  2. Sometimes I feel more comfortable reading ebooks because my eyes are not that great. I can change the font size and type, etc a fair bit to suit my preferences.
  3. There are no distractions (apart from goodreads). It’s all about the reading experience.
  4. Speaking of Goodreads, I’m using it more than ever. I feel encouraged to keep reading so I can post my updates, etc. I also finally have a thorough record of my reading to look back on which pleases me muchly. You see, I’ve had a goodreads account for a while but I could rarely be bothered to pop over to the site to update my progress, but now I can do it directly from the ebook I’m reading.It’s so easy that I can’t resist doing it.
  5. It’s a great size for slinging in my bag and taking to work and on dog walks. It’s a very practical device and I love that. If I’m away from home when I finish a book, I can easily flick through my library and pick out a new one without having to wait to  o home or carry multiple physical books with me (which can be a real hassle when they’re big hardbacks).
  6. Oh, and the battery length is great on the Kindle Paperwhite! I run out of power fairly quickly on my HDX but my Paperwhite goes for days and days which is great for me and means I can depend on it when I go on long trips.

I feel like, with the help of this kindle, I’m finally back to reading as voraciously as I did at secondary school, which were pretty much my golden years in terms of reading.

I still love my physical books and I’ve still been buying some. But there’s no doubt that my kindle now plays a huger role in my reading life.

Do you own an ereader?

Ren x


3 responses to “I Love My Kindle Paperwhite

    I’ve begged my parents for one for ages…but to no avail! It’s alright – I usually use my phone (…though that’s broken right now…SO I HAVE NOTHING xD )
    BUT I LOVE that your Kindle /Fire/ is called Smaug – VERY APPROPRIATE! 😀
    The Paperwhite’s battery life is definitely one of the reasons why I want it so much – it’s crazy how long it can last for! 😀
    Thanks for stopping by at Corralling Books!

    • Gosh, sad times! I hope you’re phone’s working now. I’ve never tried reading on my phone. But that’s mostly because I only got a proper smart phone in the last year or so… My old phone just couldn’t handle any apps or anything.

      Naming my devices is a very serious business for me ;). Everything has to have a funky name. but my kindle’s name is the most relevant one I’ve ever come up with by far.

        Ahh smartphones are pretty good for reading imo – you can toggle settings around a bit 🙂 Maybe try it now that you have one?
        And haha, you must have heaps of creativity then! I can’t ever name anything…like anything at all… If I ever have kids, they’ll probably be named Baby1 on their birth certs or something o_O

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