Post Schedule

*Currently I’m not the best at sticking to schedule but it’s my aim to use this schedule in the coming months*

If you want an idea of when I post what then you can always check my schedule on this page. Sometimes I might not be able to keep to it as closely as I would like but generally this should give you an idea of when to expect certain posts.


Magical Monday– a post with a ‘magical’ theme, whether it be my favourite dragons in literature or an analysis of how magic works in Harry Potter.

Top Ten Tuesday– a  meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they provide a topic for a top ten list.

Book Review– what it says on the tin. I plan to always post my book reviews on Wednesdays.

Fearless Discussion– Thursdays are the day I post a discussion topic/ my thoughts on something. These will mostly be book related but may also relate to games and movies.

Fruits Basket Friday – I plan to re-read the entire Fruits Basket series this year. Every Friday I plan to discuss the volume I’ve read that week. When the Fruits Basket read through is complete I will start a new series for the Friday slot.

Saturdays and Sundays are free for any type of post.

This page will be regularly updated as required.


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